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aniket_teredesai — techie, human


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“Given a choice, I would almost always choose hacking at a computer.”

I spend most of my time learning and documenting tech stuff @ anikett [dot] com.

The backend is what intrigues me. I like building and understanding the core that makes the UI tick, among other tech stuff.

I was 8 when I had my first interaction with a computer and a smartphone. I just couldn’t fathom how these things worked.

However, my dad didn’t teach me how to get a new app or game myself. (He didn’t want his kid accidentally triggering a trojan.) So I set out to develop my own app with MS Access and VBA at the age of 10. I have been fascinated by computers and the internet ever since.

Building an e-commerce site from scratch was my first freelancing project. It seemed daunting to do it all by myself at the age of 13, but I learned many things along the way — WordPress and WooCommerce being the core. I worked on a couple more projects after that before giving up freelancing for studies.

I strive to complete and open-source most of my projects. And yet I always seem to have numerous half-baked projects lying around (which, in fact, I should be actually shipping) xD. Here are a few GitHub links though:

I have rooted phones, changed ROMs, and tinkered with software — all on a 100 kbps 2G network. “Kids have it too easy these days” :P

Besides technology, I enjoy books, travel, and history. Enid Blyton’s “The Famous Five” was my first novel that my mom introduced me to in the third grade.


I contribute to opensource projects whenever I can. Opening and troubleshooting issues, discussing solutions, updating documentation and providing patches at times, I do whatever I can to give back to the community.
–skill [*admin]
I have a small homelab. In the process of setting it up, I have dealt with tools like terraform, docker, ansible, kubernetes, hyperv, proxmox, vmware, truenas, virtualbox, qemu, graffana, pihole, wireguard, unbound and a lot more. This is where the *admin skills come from.
–interest [os-dev|secops|iot]
I like understanding the raw implementation of things and their evolution over decades and hacking on that knowledge to further improve the existing ways.
Web development was the first field I explored — totally unknown to the endless rabbithole it would take me down. I dealt with tools like express, flask, react-js, jquery, django, wordpress, hugo, eleventy, mongodb, postgresql, sqlite, tailwindcss, and bootstrap in the process. Did I miss html and css?
I deal with several languages, as any dev does. Python, TypeScript, Golang and C are the ones I use most often. Languages like Lua, PowerShell, Bash, Java, SQL are used occasionally.

Python includes web-scraping, browser automation and data-science familiarity.