Yesterday, I was trying to install Open Media Vault 6 on my Proxmox server. And the installer froze mid-setup after network configuration dialog. More specifically, it froze at DHCPv6 configuration since I have it disabled on my router.

Searching around, I found that I wasn’t alone and that it’s some kind of a bug in the Debian’s installer. I had faced it with OMV 5 as well. At that time, I just restarted the installer, hit cancel on the DHCPv6 dialog, and proceeded with normal installation.

This time I didn’t want to restart (purely out of laziness).

And then I found a 2 years-old post on r/crunchbangplusplus.

Here’s what to do

  1. Drop into another TTY with Alt+F2 or Alt+F3
  2. grep the dhclient processes that show reference to dhclient6.conf with ps | grep dhclient
  3. Kill those processes with kill <PID>, where PID is the processes ID you determined in previous step
  4. Go back to the installer with Alt+F1 or to whatever TTY the installer started on

That’s it. The installer should now proceed without any problems.

I put this in a blog post because this bug has continued to sustain two major versions of OMV/Debian for more than 2 years apparently.