“TeleTweet Bot” is one of my small projects born out of boredom to help you send tweets and threads right from Telegram. By leveraging Telegram’s built-in “Schedule Send” feature you can even schedule them.

The project’s code is totally open-source and you can host/deploy your own instance of if you prefer to. Here’s the link to the GitHub repo.

Setup Instructions

  1. Search for the bot with @teletweet_bot username or just follow this link to open a direct chat.
  2. Send /auth to authenticate the bot with your Twitter account.
  3. Send back the verification code you receive in /verify xxxxxxx format.
  4. And you should be good to go.
  5. Send /help for help on using the bot.

If you like the bot, buy me a coffe☕ here.


Here are some screenshots of the bot’s commands, to supplement the /help guide in the bot.